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Amarillo Technologies is a privately funded incubator focused on investing, designing and building assets that will revolutionise the global insurance market.

Our mission is to cultivate and grow a best-in-class technology ecosystem that provides brokers, carriers and MGAs access to tactical products that deliver real-world benefits.


Better processes mean improved business performance.


Less human intervention, faster processing, and higher client satisfaction.


Improved data capture and quality is an asset in the supply chain.


Meet our experts who share a vision to build a better future.


Fusion is a connection tool that improves data quality and efficiency between Delegated Underwriting Authority parties in the London insurance market.

In an automated and consistent way, our technology can help you send validated and transformed data onwards without the need for development in your existing systems whilst also keeping up to date with current and future standards.

This means even Delegated Underwriting Authority parties with limitations in their current software and processes can leverage our technology to provide clean, validated and transformed data that is compliant with current standards and reporting requirements.


Stay close to our journey to grow best-in-class technology.

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