Zoe Steele talks about data challenges and Amarillo’s roadmap

Zoe Steele wants to create technology that will revolutionise the global insurance market. Her previous work experience made her eager to bring benefits, efficiencies, and quality to the DA space. Now they are closer than ever with Amarillo’s first technology product, Fusion, a data connectivity tool.

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Zoe shares more on what made her join Amarillo, the benefits Fusion will bring in the London insurance market, and more on the future of Amarillo.

You can reach out to DEMO Fusion.


What made you join Amarillo?

Because I am committed to making a difference to the DA market, by building Fusion we will have the opportunity to address and eradicate the issues I saw in my previous DA role.

Before joining Amarillo, I worked with numerous carriers to cleanse and validate their bordereaux data. We found that in a high percentage of cases, the data provided is inadequate, there were incorrect financial calculations, binding authority contract terms breached and a lot of missing data, so trying to transform and validate that data was incredibly challenging.

I knew there was a better way to do it; that’s why I joined Amarillo’s vision to create Fusion.


Tell us about Fusion and the benefits it will bring.

Fusion is a tool designed to address the challenges in the DA market by improving the transfer, business validation and data quality between parties much earlier in the process.

Coverholders, MGA’s, Brokers & Insurers will see the following benefits;

  • Data is validated, cleansed and transformed much earlier in the lifecycle
  • Fully API enabled for data input and output
  • Query loop time significantly reduced
  • Manual mapping effort removed
  • Bordereau data outputted in the v5.2 standard
  • Output can be produced in export file for utilisation in customer data warehouses or upload
  • Almost real-time reporting for all interested parties


When could companies start adopting Fusion?

Fusion will be available in early Q2 this year. We are currently working with early adopters to thoroughly test the end-to-end process. The team can demo Fusion, so please get in touch if you want to see more.


What is the roadmap of Amarillo?

The Amarillo roadmap is more of the same – continue investing in products and tools, like Fusion, that we believe in and that will add real value to the Amarillo portfolio and the global insurance market. We will continue to evolve Fusion; we have plans to further expand the capability into other classes of business and insurance markets.